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WhatsApp self-chat feature available to beta users

WhatsApp self-chat feature available to beta users

WhatsApp, the Meta-owned messaging app, attracts users with updates from time to time. Now, it is working on rolling out a self-chat feature. The feature is now available to beta users.

The feature enables one to chat with oneself. Hence one can type essential messages to save them for later access.

The single-person chat window allows users to store important files or messages for quick access.

The self-communicating messages are easy to find. In addition, they can be forwarded to other persons in the future.

As WhatsApp has rolled out the feature to beta users, they can test it. They can navigate the contacts page by opening the app and selecting the contact that says ‘Me’. That means, check for the Message yourself option.

To start a chat with yourself, you need to create a custom URL with your phone number first. Then, type it in a browser to start a self-chat.

In other words, you need to open a browser on your phone. Type wa.me// in the address bar and add your country code and WhatsApp phone number. Since a phone number is important for a chat, you have to enter your own phone number.

For example, Indian users have to type as follows: wa.me//91XXXXXXXXXX. As soon as you type, it will redirect to the WhatsApp page. You will find a box with the option ‘Continue to Chat’. Your phone number will also be visible there. Select the box to initiate the self-chat process.

You will find a chat window to start your communication. You can type whatever you want in the window. You can access the conversation later easily and quickly.

The procedure is the same for the web version also. For the web version, open the WhatsApp web and follow the above-mentioned steps.

Currently, only beta users can use it. It is not yet known when will the feature be available to other users.

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