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Rohit Tewari – An IGNITE Award Winner

Rohit Tewari

Rohit Tewari, a class XII student of a Bokaro School has come up with the idea of inbuilt backup for a mobile phone. He introduced an idea of designing a power backup prototype which can recharge the mobile phones for at least five times after charging it for a single time. Hailing from Jharkhand, he is the only student from this region to win the IGNITE 2014 Award.

Rohit Tewari is the son of an ex-serviceman. He is the eldest son and has two sisters and a brother. He made this innovation due to the poor power situation in their area. They have to stay without power for three or four consecutive days often in their area, then charging a mobile phone also becomes difficult at that time. Hence, Rohit thought to store the power by accumulating it in a mobile phone to help rural and semi-urban people where there is no proper electricity. Though he did not think that he would be selected for this award, he is very happy for being selected to the award.

His father Jagdish Tewari, a retired army person stated that he is living on pension and he could not help his son financially despite being talented but encouraged him by supporting his activities morally. Rohit’s father and school principal exclaimed that they are proud of his achievement. Rohit is an IIT aspirant and wants to become a scientist. He added that India has no shortage of talent, but finding the right opportunity and motivation are difficult.

Another student Abid Khurshid, a sixth grade student from Jaammu and Kashmir also proposed a similar idea. He has come up with the design for a mobile or laptop adapter with in-built power backup. Both of these students stood in second place in the list of IGNITE 2014 winners with Shaik Muzammil Pasha, a Telangana student being in the first place. Out of 27,000 submissions from the all over the country, 28 students have been selected for this award.

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