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Kerala man’s innovative solar mixer and grinder

Kerala man’s innovative solar mixer and grinder

Biju Narayanan has been passionate about electronics since childhood. That’s why he learned many things on his own.

Not just that, he innovates many things. Despite having no mentor, he learned many things through his experiments.

He is so curious to experiment with the things that he has read in books. At the age of 12 years, he built a radio on his own.

Out of his interest and curiosity in electronics, Narayanan has been continuing his experiments since his childhood.

As age grows, his practical knowledge also has improved, with which he has innovated many electronic devices.

This 52-year-old man from Kerala has innovated as many as 20 electronic devices. Smart Solar DC Mixie with Grinder is one of his outstanding innovations.

Narayanan updated the features of the mixie for more than a decade. This mixie can be operated by solar power as well as electricity. It has many excellent features.

It can be charged using a 20W solar panel and be operated for up to eight hours after the full charge. That means the mixie has a battery backup of up to eight hours. So it can be used during power cuts also. It can be used for grinding as well as grating coconut.

In addition, the mixie can be used to chop vegetables in different sizes and shapes. Not just that, it also helps charge mobile phones. The mixie can function like a vacuum cleaner. Users can attach a fan to the mixie. Also, it can connect Wi-Fi modem.

The mixie has an inbuilt radio. It is equipped with USB ports so that pen drives can be attached. It does not make much noise as it works on a DC motor. It can detect smoke or LPG leakage with the help of its sensors. It alerts users by whistling if it detects any smoke or gas leakage.

Narayana won the Rural Innovation Award from the Kerala State Government in 2021 for this innovation.

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