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Kerala to install weather stations in government schools

Kerala to install weather stations in government schools

To train school children to understand climatic conditions, the Kerala state government decided to install weather stations in government schools.

Notably, floods and other natural disasters are rising due to global warming. Some climate extremities are unable to be predicted even by experts.

In this context, the state government wanted to train youngsters to manage unforeseen events and take preventive measures to avoid major disasters.

General Education Minister V Sivankutty conducted a meeting in Kozhikode at a government high school. He said that it was a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country.

The minister said that the government initiated the process to monitor the weather. It chose 240 government schools across the state, where weather stations will be set up. In Kozhikode, 18 government schools will have weather stations.

This unique initiative enables children to understand climatic changes and helps them take necessary precautions.

As part of the geography project, children will be imparted training to have first-hand knowledge of weather-related changes.

Students read about various climatic conditions in their textbooks. These stations help them monitor the weather directly and understand the concepts more clearly.

They will record the things that they have observed. In this way, each child can have practical knowledge. The data collected by them will be beneficial for future research as well.

The weather station will have the required devices to monitor weather changes. These devices include a thermometer, rain gauge, weather data bank and many more devices.

With the help of these devices, children can monitor various climatic conditions like wind speed, amount of rain received, atmospheric pressure and many more.

They will monitor weather changes and note down all their observations in a special chart. As part of the project, students and teachers will be trained on how to use the devices and record their observations.

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