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Man empowering visually impaired women

Man empowering visually impaired women

Some people show pity on visually impaired people and the victims of acid attacks. Some people do not think about their problems. But, very few care about their livelihood. Here is man who is trying to empower women that are visually impaired and victims of acid attacks.

His name is Akash Bhardwaj. He is 32 year old. His travel agency Khaas which means special has six women employees. All of them are visually impaired.

He wanted to empower women by providing employment opportunities after an epiphany he had. During his celebrations last year, he happened to meet a lady with scars on her face selling balloons. She survived acid attacks by her neighborhood boy due to which her husband left her alone. Furthermore, she lost her job. She described in good English saying that no one is ready to give her job due to the scars on her face. At that time, Akash decided to provide better employment opportunities to women like her.

He has a travel agency in Delhi. The travel agency conducts domestic and international tours for corporate organizations, schools and colleges. Even family trips, adventurous and industrial tours are arranged by the agency. After the incident, he employed six visually impaired women in his agency. All the work is done by them. Akash appreciates them saying that all of them are well talented. So far, they did not get any opportunity to highlight their talents, and now that they got the opportunity, they are using it to showcase their talents and making it big.

All of them reach the office in the fourth floor without any help. They are trained in using personal computers and smart phones. They operate computers with the help of Job Access With Speech (JAWS). They are adept at using smart phones. Akash wants to hire acid attack survivors as well. 15 more women will be employed in the next batch. The employees are given flexibility. Some are coming to office. Those who are unable to come to office due to mobility issues are working from home.

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