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Farmer’s Residential School for The Visually Impaired

Farmer’s Residential School for The Visually Impaired

A farmer from a small village decided to take big steps to help visually impaired children. His actions are an inspiration to everyone. Barun Kumar Pradhan from the small village of Amlidih in Chhattisgarh’s is a farmer with a cause.

This 56-year-old farmer is now running a free-of-cost Netrahin Bal Vidya Mandir. His school has directly helped in improving the lives of around 30 visually challenged children. He wanted to help visually impaired children and his strong determination led to this school. He got this thought when he saw his nephew who was visually impaired.

The school provides education to children until class 6. Barun tries his best to provide the best quality education he can whilst also offering vocational and sports training to the children. The school even provides free residence to its students. As most of the students are from poverty stricken households, this helps them a lot.

Barun says that he doesn’t want any blind children to beg on the streets and get exploited. He says he wants to give them self-dependency and have a bright future.

Barun’s school is not just for visually impaired students, five of the teachers in the school are blind. Among them is a bling couple too. Barun also receives help from his 19-year-old daughter Himani in running the school. She plays the role of headmistress.

Himani says that NBVM educates children through Braille and provides them with various life skills that can make them self-dependent.

The school was started in 2014. It received a lot of attention since then. It is expected that the school enrollment would be almost double in the coming academic year.

Many people even came forward to provide support to the school. It runs without any government aid. The students of this school have learned to be more optimistic about their own life and are learning new things for their future.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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