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Cancer and Blindness won’t stop this girl

Cancer and Blindness won’t stop this girl

Bhakti Ghatole, a 21 year old from Nagpur lost her eyesight to cancer when she was just nine years old. However, that did not slow her spirit down.

Now, her achievement has given her and her entire family pride. Firstly, she received a gold medal from Nagpur University.

Bhakti, who is the youngest of her family made her entire family well up with pride as she received the gold medal for scoring highest marks in Political Science in first year BA course.

In her long journey of hardship and determination, she did not give up and showed cancer who’s the boss.

When she was nine years old, she was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a deadly eye cancer. Her aim now is to become a psychologist and then become an IAS officer.

Bhakti says that even though it is not easy to live like it, she never felt incomplete. Her disability has only been a hurdle but never a roadblock to stop her from her dreams she says.

Bhakti finds beauty in life and its struggles and intends to live in the fullest way possible.

Her hurdles began at the tender age of six months. She was diagnosed with cancer in the right eye.

Cancer and Blindness won’t stop this girl

Cancer and Blindness won’t stop this girl

Even with many attempts from the doctors, she lost her eye.

The doctors thought it wouldn’t spread to the other eye, but it did. Bhakti lost the left eye after a long and hard battle.

Bhakti always has been an achiever. She scored 94% in the SSC board exams in class 10 and became the topper in the state in disabled category.

After that, she became the second topper in Nagpur in class 12 with 88% marks. She also maintained top grades in her college education. She made her entire family proud.

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