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Online Petition from students on CBSE Maths paper

Online Petition from students on CBSE Maths paper

Several online petitions were filed against the tough Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Maths paper for class 12 on These petitions were supported by more than 25,000 people. The Mathematics exam that was conducted by CBSE two days ago was considered as tough. Many student were dismayed about the paper and even bright students could not answer well. Within 24 hours of time frames around 240 requests flooded on

The toughness of Mathematics paper which made many students to cry led to online campaign for appealing to CBSE. Many parents and students started online petitions on social media requesting CBSE to show leniency in evaluating it.

The biggest petition has 12,500 signatures so far. The petition was started by a student from Guwahati. Guwahati petition starter said that CBSE has broken the dreams of many student by setting the toughest paper that was meant for IIT aspirants. The immediate statement from the Boarad can help the students in concentrating their other exams. Several other students from all over the country including Kolkata, Chennai, Thrissur etc. have started their own online petitions to CBSE as well.

Several students and parents reported that the paper caused mental agony to many students. They are seeking a statement from the Board regarding the evaluation of marks. In the meantime, government yesterday said that leakage of CBSE Maths paper needs inquiry. Union minister Venkaiah Naidu in Parliament told that this matter would be conveyed to HRD minister Smriti Irani. The Math paper was raised by many parties in the Lok Sabha. They said that many questions of the paper were out of syllabus and were very difficult to answer. As per the media, some questions were leaked and sold in some regions of the country. So, the government has favoured a probe on this matter as two issues are involved in it. One is the claims of students and parents on the toughness of the paper and another is from the media that reported the leakage of questions in some parts of the country.

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