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GlowRoad helps women empowers and self-sustain

GlowRoad helps women empowers and self-sustain

Changing preferences of the people are creating new opportunities. For this reason, many people want to start their own venture to become financially independent. However, most of them do not have a clear idea about how to start their venture, sell, and reach buyers.

To help such people, GlowRoad emerged. The startup aims to provide a platform for the people, especially women, to start their online business hassle-free.

Dr Sonal Verma, Kunal Sinha, Shekhar Sahu, Nitesh Pant, and Nilesh Padariya founded GlowRoad in 2017. It is a social reselling platform that provides users access to a virtual shop.

The sellers on this platform can get payments and shipping facilities. GlowRoad offers millions of products from various suppliers on its platform.

Dr Sonal wanted to bring a change in the society when she was pursuing her medical degree. Hence, she chose community medicine after the completion of MBBS.

After her marriage with Kunal, they ventured into HealthcareMagic. They sold their first venture, after which they wanted to do something bigger. Dr Sonal wants to empower women, hence the idea of creating earning opportunities came to her mind.

Moreover, she observed that many women who were trying to sell apparel and jewellery to other group members on Facebook were striving to reach the target. She found that many women are using social media to sell their products. Yet, it is difficult for them to reach the target audience often.

Hence, they launched GlowRoad for women suppliers. But, slowly they realized that there are many men also who are struggling to find a suitable platform to sell their products. Hence, they allowed all the suppliers to sell on their platform.

Initially, GlowRoad allowed group members to connect with others directly, which resulted in minimal use of the platform by the users. Hence, they introduced logistic services to increase transactions on their platform.

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