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Make decent money by reselling various products online

Make decent money by reselling various products online

Reselling is one of the most popular business ideas nowadays. Many students, homemakers and others are making decent money by reselling various products.

Many online stores allow becoming a reseller. You can check the best reselling site to earn money.

Reselling products and services has many benefits:

  • As a reseller, you can buy products directly from a manufacturer or distributor. So, you can buy them at a discounted price and sell them at a higher price to other buyers. Thus, reselling allows one to get a certain portion of the profit on the resale of a product.
  • There is no need to manufacture any product or offer any service to become a reseller.
  • It is easy to manage the business. There is no need to maintain inventory like a traditional business. Also, there is no need for logistics.
  • Reselling is legal. So, you can buy and resell items. However, products like prescribed medicines, a ticket to events etc., are not allowed to resell. So check carefully before opting for reselling products.

You should also note some points while reselling:

  • Product warranty will not be applicable for reselling products. So, you must convey the information to your buyers while reselling a product to avoid unnecessary consequences.
  • Also, you will not be able to use the trademarks or logos of a brand to promote even if you are reselling the products of the same brand. You must obtain prior permission from the brand for this. Otherwise, you may have to face legal consequences from the brand.

You can earn up to ₹1 lakh by reselling products of top brands. However, it depends on the product you are reselling and the time you spend on that.

While some people earn ₹30,000, others can earn up to ₹1 lakh. As said above, it all depends on your skills.

Choose the right brand and the right eCommerce platform to resell the products. Also, buy the products in bulk. Clothes, cosmetics, sneakers, furniture, allowed medicines, and sports equipment are some best-reselling products in India.

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