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Kerala woman makes money with jackfruit seed porridge

Kerala woman makes money with jackfruit seed porridge

If you have creative thoughts, you can reduce the wastage of resources. Jaimy Saji from Wayanad, Kerala, observed that jackfruit seeds ended up in garbage bins.

Jackfruit seeds are loaded with many nutrients. But, many people do not know how to utilize them and obtain their benefits. As a result, they discard these seeds, which go into garbage bins.

Jaimy wanted to use them productively. She dried jackfruit seeds and made powder with them. She made porridge with the powder and distributed it to her neighbours.

She received an overwhelming and positive response from them. All of them liked it and asked her to share the recipe. Some others enquired whether she could make it for events.

Jaimy then decided to turn the opportunity into a business venture. Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit and is available in plenty during summer. However, their seeds are largely wasted. So, she wanted to collect them and store them to be used throughout the year.

She founded a company to sell products made of jackfruit seeds. When she searched for a machine to clean and make powder from the seeds, she could not find a suitable one. So, she then customized a machine to meet her requirements.

Jaimy and her husband had partnered with jackfruit farmers to source raw materials. She sells various products like dosa mix, steam cake mix, coffee powder, and porridge mix under the brand name Jack Fresh. Jack fruit seeds are the main ingredient of all these products.

The price of these products is in the range of ₹25 to ₹450. Jaimy claims that the products do not contain any added preservatives, yet they have a shelf life of one year. In this way, she not just makes decent money but also empowers many farmers across the state. Last month, she got a chance to meet the Prime Minister as one of the Agri-entrepreneurs from Kerala.

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