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Traditional dresses of various states

Kerala men wear Mundu, a type of Lungi. Silk sarees are worn by women. These include Benarasi silk, Kanchipuram silk etc.

Traditional Sports of India

Vallamkali is a snake boat race in Kerala which is held on the eve of Onam. This water sport is a major tourist attraction.

Traditional Sports of India

It might be surprising that martial arts were part of Indian culture but Kalarippayattu, one type martial arts is very popular in Kerala.

Most Popular Ganapati temples in

Madhur Mahaganapati temple in Kerala is renowned for its architecture. Here the idol of Ganesha was made from different types of soil. There is

Most Striking Lord Krishna Temples

Guruvayur temple in Guruvayur, Kerala is famous as ‘Dwaraka of the South. The four-armed idol of Lord Krishna is adorned by a basil garland