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BebeBurp provides organic mixes and snacks for kids

BebeBurp provides organic mixes and snacks for kids

Eating outside food is common for many adults. However, parents think twice before they buy outside food for their children. Outside food is almost a no for infants or toddlers.

While many parents prefer to feed their toddlers with home-cooked food, kids may get bored with the routine food they eat.

In this context, feeding toddlers a variety of nutritious foods is a test to parents. To help parents feed organic food, Shruti Tibrewal launched BebeBurp.

Shruti had trouble feeding her son organic and nutritious food and snacks. While she and her husband sought many supermarkets for healthy and organic food for babies, they could not find any. At that time, Shruti sought her grandmother’s help.

With her help, Shruti began preparing ready-to-eat mixes for her son. Many newly turned parents from her acquaintances also wanted the products for their babies.

Shruti then decided to launch a startup, BebeBurp. It offers organic and ready-to-eat baby food.

Some of the products include oatmeal mix, barley mix, khichdi mix, millet mix, ragi cookies, and oats and raisin cookies. Price of the product ranges from ₹109 to ₹239.

BebeBurp is a Surat-based startup.  Most of the recipes offered by the startup are traditional recipes with a modern twist. Since these products are organic, parents can feed their little ones without any problem. Their products are made for babies aged above six months.

However, convincing parents to use their brand was not an easy task for Shruti and her team. They educated parents a lot and convinced a few to accept their brand.

BebeBurp was started with an initial investment of ₹1 lakh. Currently, it has nearly ₹35 lakh turnover per annum. While the startup is focusing on Gujarat market at present, it wants to expand its services to many other cities soon.

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