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Diet Fixx provides home-cooked food

Diet Fixx provides home-cooked food

Food and exercise play a crucial role in controlling diabetes. A healthy diet is important not just to diabetics but also to everyone. On top of that, home-cooked food is the main choice for many.

Considering the needs of diabetics, diet freaks and school-going children, Diet Fixx started its services.

Diet Fixx is a Kolkata based startup. The startup offers home delivery services of home-cooked food to senior citizens and people who seek a low-calorie diet and home-cooked food. Ipshita Banerjee Bhandary and Surojit Rout offer this service to cater to the needs of various sections of the society.

Many people worried about their elderly parents during the lockdown. While the cooks and maids could not attend to work, several senior citizens and people on diet restrictions troubled a lot. They shared their worries on social media requesting for help. Some others enquired whether anyone could organize fresh and home-cooked food to them or their parents.

Seeing the potential and desire to provide healthy and nutritious food to people, the duo started delivery of home-cooked food with the help of home chefs across the city.

Diet Fixx started its services with eight home chefs in October this year. Within a month, the startup served more than 100 families and delivered over 1000 meals. Each home chef earned around ₹35,000 based on the orders they delivered.

Providing food to the customers is not a new thing to Surojit. He had a restaurant. His business was severely affected due to COVID-19. While the coronavirus affected his restaurant business, it opened another way to this duo in the form of a home delivery startup.

Surojit knew the pulse and demand of the market. Besides, he had an extensive network of people. They knew very well that he specialized in cooking. At the same time, when they contacted the home chefs, they also came forward to cook to earn some additional income by providing healthy and quality home-cooked food. Except for cooking foods, home chefs do not worry about anything. Everything from marketing to delivery, Diet Fixx will take care. However, cooks have to prepare food in a hygienic atmosphere.

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