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Zodiac signs that are likely to cheat

Zodiac signs that are likely to cheat

No one wants an unfaithful partner. According to astrology, these signs have a higher chance of cheating. It should be noted that this is according to astrology and does not generalize everyone. If you want to know about your own personal relationship in detail, visit an astrologer to get a more detailed reading.


Aries is not completely trustworthy. The Ram is generally independent and impulsive. They are generally adventure oriented. This could lead them to have multiple partners for the sake of adventure.


Taureans are said to be completely loyal. They are considered the most faithful of all zodiac signs. The bull strives for stability and is reliable.


The twins are said to be daring and curious. This makes them mischievous and they can also enjoy playing with hearts. The twins are generally more equipped to handle more than one partner.


Those who are of cancer sign are completely trustworthy. They are generally clingy, insecure and very family oriented.


Leos are generally said to be perfectionists. They are always on search for the perfect relationship which is heard to find. This makes them prone to cheating.


Virgos are usually the opposite of what their name suggests. Even though they prefer intimacy, they are not afraid to search for another partner if they find things dissatisfactory.


Libras are generally considered very loyal. They are also exciting people, yet they prefer to maintain their loyalty.


They are immensely loyal. However, when they lose respect for you, they can be tempted to look for another partner.


Sagittarius people are more likely to cheat on their partner. They are free spirits who do not like to be tied down by rules.


Capricorns love to have stability. This makes them very loyal. They tend to work hard to reach that stability.


Aquarians are like Sagittarians. They are not completely trustworthy. They prefer excitement.


Pisces are often known for inner battles. This can make them unpredictable. So, they may not be completely loyal.

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