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Worship these trees as per your birth star – 3

Worship these trees as per your birth star – 3

In this article, you will know about the trees to be worshipped by the people of last nine birth stars.

Purva Ashada birth star’s tree is Ashoka. People of this star should worship it by offering water and turmeric on its roots especially on Wednesday for good luck.

Uttar Ashada people should worship Jackfruit tree by circumambulating around it. They should sit under the tree and meditate on special days to get success in their efforts.

People born in Sravana birth star should worship Swallow Wort tree for good health.

Dhanishtha people should worship coconut tree for health and wealth. They should plant this tree in their homes and nurture it.

Shatbhisha people should worship Kadamba or Indian oak tree. They should circumambulate around the tree and touch its roots on auspicious days to be relieved from all problems.

Purva Badrapada birth star’s tree is Mango. They should plant this tree in their homes and provide water regularly. They should also offer vermilion and unbroken rice on the roots to get amazing benefits.

Uttar Badrapada people should worship Neem tree. They should offer water and keep some twigs in their rooms to flourish in all walks of life.

Revati people should worship Mahua tree by offering water on auspicious days to see miracles in their life.

Astrologers say that chanting mantras while worshipping the trees will give better results.

Some state that if it is not possible to worship the tree, you can even worship their flowers or fruits or even twigs by keeping them in your Puja room.

Worshipping trees is an age-old tradition in India as they provide us life by supplying oxygen. Some compare trees with Lord Shiva who consumed poison and granted Amrit to Gods. Similarly, trees absorb carbon dioxide in the environment and release oxygen.

Image by Đức Nguyễn Văn from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/tree-worship-phoenix-flower-light-2368941/

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