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Worship these trees as per your birth star

Worship these trees as per your birth star

There are 27 birth stars or nakshtras. Hindu festivals are mostly based on these birth stars. The zodiac sings of lunar months are also based on these.

Even, kids are named according to their birth star.

Vedic astrology says planting or worshipping a tree as per the birth star helps relieve physical, social, economic and spiritual problems.

As per astrologers, each birth star has a specific tree to be worshipped.

Here are the trees that should be worshipped according to your birth star:

People born in Ashwini star should worship Kuchla or strychnine tree. Regular watering of the tree and circumambulating 11 times around it helps fulfil all their wishes.

Bharani star’s tree is Amla or Indian gooseberry. These people should worship the tree with vermilion and unbroken rice grains by watering it regularly to get best results in their life.

Krittika people should worship Gular or cluster fig tree by offering rice grains and circumambulating around it 7 times every Friday to relieve all impediments of life.

Rohini star’s tree is Jamun or black plum. They should worship it by offering little sugar and wheat on its root and circumambulating around it to get good results in all their efforts.

People born in Mrigshira star should worship Kattha or Acacia catechu. They should offer water and worship it every Wednesday to get excellent results. Yet, it is not good to plant this tree in their home.

Aardra people should worship Krishna kamal tree to increase their luck. They can also worship the flower.

Punarvasu star’s tree is Babool. They should water the tree and circumambulate around it to bring good fortune.

Pushya people should worship Peepal or sacred fig by watering it and circumambulating around it. Touching the root of the tree every day except Saturday is believed to bring good luck to them.

People born in Ashlesha star should worship Champa tree by watering it or sitting under the tree for some time to obtain benefits in all walks of their life.

Read about the remaining trees in the next article.

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