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Haryana government gives annual pension for aged trees

Haryana government gives annual pension for aged trees

In a notable move towards environmental conservation, the Haryana government announced a pension scheme for aged trees in June.

The state government would be providing pensions to trees aged above 75 years, akin to the pensions granted to elderly individuals.

The scheme is named the Haryana Pran Vayu Devta Pension Scheme. It provides an annual pension of ₹2500 for such aged trees, whether they stand in the courtyard of people’s homes or agricultural fields.

The newly implemented scheme will run for 5 years, with the possibility of further enhancements based on feedback and requirements.

However, the coverage of this initiative is limited to trees grown from a single seed.

Even a grove of trees originating from a single seedling, such as Ficus bengalensis, would be considered a single tree for this scheme.

To ensure the scheme’s effectiveness, certain criteria have been set. The scheme does not encompass fallen, hollow, dead, dry, or diseased trees. Furthermore, trees situated on forest land will not be eligible for inclusion in this pension program.

The decision to include trees above 75 years of age in this scheme will be determined by a committee led by a divisional forest officer.

Once a tree is deemed eligible, the designated pension amount will be transferred to the owner’s bank account for the maintenance of the Pran Vayu Devta tree.

The government emphasizes that the scheme shows its commitment to safeguarding trees with significant ecological and environmental value.

By introducing this pension scheme, the state of Haryana aims to encourage the preservation and protection of such aged trees.

Under this scheme, the pension amount for Pran Vayu Devta Trees will be subject to yearly increments, aligned with the increments observed in the Old Age Samman Pension Scheme for the state’s elderly population.

To facilitate the process, the Pran Vaayu Devta Tree Conservation Committee will be responsible for identifying, mapping, and conducting a systematic census of eligible trees.

The committee, chaired by the Divisional Forest Officer, will also carry out regular health monitoring of the Pran Vaayu Devta Trees every six months.

The government has set a limit on the number of trees covered by the scheme, capping it at a maximum of four thousand until the subsequent review after five years.

With this visionary initiative, Haryana strives to create a culture of tree preservation, recognizing the invaluable role trees play in maintaining ecological balance and promoting environmental well-being.

Image Credit: Nitinsangwan53, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rose_garden_big_tree.jpg

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