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WhatsApp to display ads in status updates


WhatsApp is being used by many people across the world. Due to its ease and simplicity, WhatsApp has gained much popularity. Whether it is a personal chat or official chat, the social media app is being used.

So far, the users of WhatsApp have been enjoying the content on it freely without the obstruction of advertisements.

But, now Facebook has taken a decision to start showing advertisements in WhatsApp. The decision became controversial among the users of WhatsApp.

The ads will be similar to Instagram stories and will be appeared in the ‘Status’ section of the app initially.

Just like on Instagram, the ads would appear between status updates and would take up the whole screen.

If the users click on the ads, then the link will redirect them to the website of the advertiser, says Facebook.

As of now, there are no plans to include the ads in the main chat section of WhatsApp.

Facebook announced in November 2018, that ads would be displayed in the section of ‘Status’ of WhatsApp to monetize it. In addition to that, Facebook will also collect some fee from businesses to connect with their customers.

The users can send their questions or complaints of a specific business using WhatsApp. The businesses can reply to such queries for which they would be charged. The message cost depends upon the country in which the user is based ranging from Sh0.39 and Sh9.

Initially, when WhatsApp was launched by the founders in 2009, the services were offered as a paid-for app. Users need to pay an up-front fee to download the app and thereafter messaging was free.

But, now the decision of Facebook to show ads on WhatsApp has not been welcomed by many people as it is directly against the wishes of Brian Acton and Jan Koum, the founders of the app.

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