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WhatsApp urges users to update the app

WhatsApp urges users to update the app

WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging tools across the globe and several million people are using it. However, a recent report of the Financial Times revealed that there is a vulnerability which allowed the attackers to target its users to inject spyware.

In order to protect users from spyware of the fraudsters, WhatsApp urges its users to update to the latest version.

This message came from WhatsApp after discovering a vulnerability which allowed fraudsters to inject spyware into the phones of users through the phone call function of the app.

The social media platform said that it discovered the vulnerability this month. As soon as the company found it, it addressed the issue quickly with its infrastructure.

In this context, WhatsApp said that they are continuously working with industry partners to provide the latest security improvements and to help their users.

And an update was published by the company on Monday. Hence, it urged all its users to upgrade it to prevent the threat of spyware.

The upgrade will keep the mobile operating system of the users up to date as well as protect them against possible targeted exploits that are designed to compromise information stored on their devices.

As per the report of Financial Times that first reported the vulnerability, the spyware was developed by the Israeli cyber intelligence company NSO.

The Financial Times reported that hackers could inject spyware on mobile phones by ringing up targets using the phone call function of the app.

It also revealed that the spyware could affect both Android and iPhones. And WhatsApp could not yet give an estimate of how many phones were targeted by the attackers.

The report of the FT also said that the teams of engineers had worked hard to fix the issue around the clock in San Francisco and London on Friday. And they issued a patch for their customers on Monday.

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