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Truth Behind the news of slash in salaries of government employees

Truth Behind the news of slash in salaries of government employees

Despite putting measures to curb fake news, it is increasing day by day. Moreover, fake news creates panic among the people.

One such news circulated on social media claims that the government will reduce the salary of government employees from 2021. As the news went viral on various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, it led to chaos among the government employees.

The news claimed that the government had planned to reduce the salary of state and central government employees in a graded manner. For this, the government made changes in labour laws. Due to these changes, the salary of government employees will be reduced from 2021.

However, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) clarified that the news is fake. The Wages Bill, 2019 does not apply to central and state government employees. Hence, the news is baseless.

So, it is concluded that the government employees will receive their salaries as usual since the government has not planned to reduce them.

There was the spread of much fake news in the past also. The social media platforms are used to make any news viral. The usage of social media has increased over the years, so does the spread of fake news. Especially it becomes more common ever since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in the country.

Several social media platforms like WhatsApp has taken many initiatives to control fake news. At the same time, the government is also trying to curb fake news.

However, fake news is circulated on social media to create panic among the people in one or another way.

Unlike normal news, fake news spreads like wildfire with a higher speed due to which their effect is also more.

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