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Fact check about COVID-19 information spreading on social media

Fact check about COVID-19 information spreading on social media

The sudden spurt of Covid cases in China and other countries across the globe scared many nations. Many people shared information about the latest Covid variants and other symptoms on social media platforms.

In this context, some fake news had been spread on social media, which became viral. One such message shared by many WhatsApp users said that sharing Covid-related posts on social media had been declared a punishable offence by the government.

It also said that no individual, other than government agencies, can share information on Covid. If anyone shares the information, they will be punished under the IT Act, as the message says.

However, the PIB Fact check says that the information is fake as the government did not declare it a punishable offence. But, it advises people to check its authenticity while sharing Covid-related information on social media, as the information can create chaos among users.

Earlier, another fake message was shared on social media stating that a lockdown would be imposed in the country from December 24. The message also said the government would impose Covid restrictions for a week.

The message became viral after PM Modi held an emergency meeting to discuss the Covid situation in India. This message also was fake, as the situation is under control in India.

Another message that spread on WhatsApp also misled users about the symptoms of the XBB COVID-19 variant. The message said that the XBB variant was not easy to detect. It is deadly and has a higher mortality rate.

It also said that infected people do not have symptoms like fever or cough but joint pains, upper back pain, pneumonia etc. The variant can directly affect the lungs of a patient.

The message went viral and caused panic among users. However, the message turned out to be fake. So, users should be extra cautious while sharing Covid-related information.

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