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Coronavirus Panic: Beware of fake claims

Coronavirus Panic: Beware of fake claims

Coronavirus is trembling the world. It is not deadly in all cases. Only a few people with a weak immunity and other health ailments died due to this. The mortality rate reported was as 7 per cent.

Yet, people are panicking by believing fake claims and fall prey to every misconception.

There is a panic condition throughout the world. It is not different in India as well. As several states declared lockdown, many people clean-swept grocery stores despite there being no such need. Several are buying masks even though scientists are saying that normal people do not need them and the masks cannot prevent the risk of virus.

A similar thing happened in the case of hand sanitizers. The panic condition of people benefits the merchants.

They are abusing the weakness of people. In this regard, a furniture company gave an advertisement claiming to sell anti-coronavirus mattress for ‘just’ ₹15,000. The company also claims that the mattress is anti-fungal and anti-allergic.

The advertisement that was posted on newspaper went viral on Twitter. Netizens slammed the advertisement and criticized the manipulation of the company.

Meanwhile, some others are spreading fake theories that cow urine and dung can cure COVID-19 despite being slammed by scientists.

Yet, some people organized a meeting saying that cow urine can protect them from coronavirus. A Gaumutra party was being organized by Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha at its office at Mandir Marg in Delhi.

200 people attended the party and they drank cow urine in kulhads. They also posted a picture of a many-armed, lion-headed caricature, coronavirus.

The organizers also said that they are ready to host such events elsewhere in India. Some other MLAs also said cow urine and cow dung can be used to treat the infection.

Sadly, the words of scientists are in vain and people are believing fake claims. Use your mind and do not fall prey to any fake claims. Be healthy!

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