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H3N2 variant of influenza cases rising in India

H3N2 variant of influenza cases rising in India

In the wake of rising H3N2 variant of influenza cases in the country, many state governments urged people to avoid unnecessary gatherings.

The sudden rise in these cases worries people. As of now, the number of cases reported is low. However, there was a sudden surge in the number.

At the same time, COVID-19 cases are also rising. The country recorded a 63 per cent rise in reported Covid cases over the last week.

In this context, former AIIMS Director, Dr Randeep Guleria, says the influenza virus mutates. It also spreads through droplets of infected people. Especially during this time of the year, many people suffer from this virus.

The symptoms of this infection are fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough, and body aches. Despite the number of rising cases, most of them did not require hospitalization. It is a great relief. However, viral mutations have become a cause of concern for many.

So, health experts suggest people take precautions to control the spread of infection. They urge people to wear face masks in crowded places to restrict the spread of the virus.

In this scenario, many states are issuing health alerts and advisories to people. The Karnataka government made face masks mandatory for healthcare workers as the number of cases of the H3N2 variant of Influenza is rising in the state.

State Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar held a review meeting and said the government would release guidelines for people soon.

In Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, the restriction of public gatherings under section 144 came into force on March 1. They will be in force till March 31.

The Tamil Nadu government has planned to conduct fever camps and deploy mobile fever clinics on March 10 in 200 areas across the state.

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