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The “Thank you” culture

The ‘Thank you’ culture

In the United States, one would find themselves listening and uttering the phrase “Thank you” at the end of almost any transaction or conversation. Contrast to that, Indians do not use “Thank you” especially with our close family and friends. To the Americans, it is a way of formally ending a conversation, whereas to Indians it is a formality that should not be used with close family and friends as it is considered as something that destroys that intimacy between them.

In India, most of the times when you say “Thank you” to your family or friends they consider it either a joke or an insult to the relation. Saying it means that you are turning a relationship into something formal. This becomes even worse, especially when you say “dhanyavaad” in Hindi.

“Thank you” in America is like an end to a transaction or conversation. People would say thank you for their day to day activities like thanking the bus driver or the convenience store clerk. In India, it would not be a problem if you said “Thank you” to all the people who are strangers. Once you get close, it is like a violation of the relationship. It can even end a relationship.

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