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Students revolutionize India’s agriculture

Students revolutionize India's agriculture

A random discussion regarding the agriculture sector of India has ended up creating a ground breaking idea. Seven first generation farming entrepreneurs have come together for a session of discussion. This session has created revolutionary idea for Bombay Hemp Company.

This team of seven has done a lot like shattering perception and bringing hemp into the mainstream market. The team of youngsters define themselves as day dreamers who believe in a science fiction utopia. They believe that they can change the world with these ideals.

While they were doing the session, one of them discovered Australian Industrial Hemp and the wonders it did for local economies. At this moment, they realized that the hemp super crop has a lot of potential for a country like India.

After three years of research in various farms, they have started The Bombay Hemp Company. They are facilitators who want to set up and develop the entire ecosystem of the industrial hemp industry in India. They raise awareness and make people understand the effect hemp can have on the economy.

They collaborate with various interested private parties and research institutes. Hemp can be used for a lot of things. It is used for fabric, nutrition, and even as a building material etc.

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