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From traditional farming to medicinal farming

From traditional farming to medicinal farming

Agriculture has been a critical aspect of human society for thousands of years, providing food, raw materials, and employment opportunities.

However, the industry has undergone significant changes over the years. Several technological advancements and global market demands are impacting farming practices.

In this context, the story of Rakesh Chowdhary, a farmer from Rajasthan, is a testament to the potential of innovative farming practices to transform the agricultural landscape.

Despite facing initial resistance, Rakesh pursued his dream of medicinal farming and founded a successful company that employs thousands of farmers in the country.

His journey highlights the challenges and opportunities that exist in modern agriculture. His success inspires young people to consider farming as a viable career option.

Rakesh Chowdhary is a 40-year-old farmer from Rajpura village in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district. He wished to pursue his dream of medicinal farming.

Throughout his journey, he faced resistance from his loved ones and the challenge of securing financing and resources.

Nevertheless, he persisted and founded Vinayak Herbal. His company is a successful one that earns him over ₹10 crores annually.

Rakesh’s success wasn’t without challenges. However, he learned from his mistakes.

He created a checklist that includes assessing the climate, planting high-quality crops, and evaluating market demand before planting.

His knowledge and perseverance paid off. Now he empowers over 50,000 farmers across several states in India.

Rakesh believes that more young people should consider farming as a career option.

He blames the lack of organisation in the agricultural sector and farmers’ ongoing losses for the low percentage of recent generation children from farming households pursuing agriculture.

However, Rakesh believes that the situation can be changed with careful planning. Also, he says a market-oriented approach and reasonable rates can change the situation.

With his efforts, Rakesh inspires many young people to pursue farming. In addition, he hopes to make the industry viable for future generations.

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