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Sins of each zodiac sign

Sins of each zodiac sign

Sins such as wrath, pride, and lust are well known, but which sins committed by a person may very well connect to that person’s zodiac sign.

It may be surprising to see how each personality type connects to each sin, but here are the zodiac signs and their connections to each:

• Those with the Aries sign are most likely to commit murder since their anger is beyond any other sign. It is therefore unsurprising if that anger is directed at another person strong enough to take his or her life.

• Tauruses are most likely to indulge in gluttony since they have a stubborn focus on themselves and can overindulge in their pleasures.

• Gemini are most likely to be dishonest and betray since their correlation with having two faces results in them being able to put on a different face for people, an untrue one. It can be easy and remorseless for them to do as well.

• People with the Cancer sign can be extreme worshippers, loving a person to no end and being stubbornly unable to see their flaws. This may also make them come across as naive and clingy.

• Leos are always focused on being the best, and that can lead them to extreme amounts of pride, even bordering narcissism.

• Virgo signs can be easily envious, loving the centre of attention and being obsessively jealous when another steals the spotlight. They usually cannot handle this envy and struggle in expressing it.

• Libras can be vain and obsessed with their appearance, always checking in the mirror to make sure that they are the most beautiful, holding it as highest importance.

• People with the Scorpio sign are extremely passionate, and thus it is easy for them to feel lust for others with an almost magnetic attraction. However, it is much more difficult for them to fall deeply in love.

• Sagittariuses have a combination of factors that make it likely for them to commit adultery. They are wanderers, flirty, shortly spanned in attention, and lovers of sex, and may act on any opportunity they see available.

• Capricorns are most likely to feel greed since their want of money is what pushes them to work. However, it is only a desire to simply want to have the most.

• People with the Aquarius sign believe they are the best things on earth, which makes them prone to constantly proclaim their wisdom and intellect on others, rejecting others’ teachings. They believe they are never wrong, regardless of any situation.

• Pisces signs are known to commit sloth, since as immense daydreamers, they often let their daydreams take over their life, letting real-life completely pass by. This results in them being both oblivious and lazy.

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