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Chanakya’s sayings: Who to wake up and who not to wake up

Chanakya’s sayings: Who to wake up and who not to wake up

Chanakya is one of the wisest men on earth. There are many of his quotes that people use every day. His wisdom is used in many situations. He gave many quotes on life, politics, etc.

Sleeping is a very important for human body. According to Chanakya, there are people who should not be woken up and others who should be woken up immediately. Read on to find out what he said.

Those who should be woken up:


Students should be woken up or they will miss out on their studies according to Chanakya. If you find them sleeping, wake them up immediately.

House help

House help is hired for a purpose. This means they should be woken up.


A traveller who wants to see the world should not be sleeping and should be woken up.

Hungry person

A person who is hungry for knowledge and power should not be resting.

Mentally unstable person

A person who is mentally unstable or scared might hurt himself or herself when sleeping. So it is better to wake them up.


Guards should not be sleeping but be committed to their job.


A banker should obviously be doing their important job dealing with money.

Those who should be allowed to sleep:

Snakes – Sleeping snakes should not be woken up or they will bite you.

A king – It is not wise to wake up a king. It might invoke the king’s wrath.

A lion – Waking up a sleeping lion is not a wise decision. It should be left alone.

Babies – Babies need their sleep to grow up healthy.

A fool – Chanakya says that waking up a fool will give no knowledge or benefit.

Following the teachings of Chanakya can be a good way to guide your life. They provide wisdom about dealing with various situations.

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