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Zodiac signs that shouldn’t marry

Zodiac signs that shouldn’t marry

In India, it is quite common for most people to check the horoscope compatibility at the times of marriage. Even numeric astrology believes that the compatibility of zodiac signs is very essential for a good marital relationship.

It is believed that certain zodiac signs are not compatible and they should not enter into marriage.

Here is a list of such zodiac signs.

People with Aries sign are courageous, independent and passionate.

Taurus people will not at all be a good match for the former as because they do not like chasing in a relationship and also behave more practical so they may not like the daring nature of Aries always.

This will result in disputes between the couple.

Taurus people are strong-minded, straightforward and loyal.

Sagittarians will not be a perfect match for them due to difficulty in handling them.

Though compatibility is considered very important for marriage in India, other key factors considered include trust and understanding between couples and respecting mutual privacy for a long marital relationship.

Geminians are loyal and fun-loving people, who chase excitement in their lives. Capricorns are the worst match as they are not able to excite you at times.

Cancerians are sensitive, compassionate and supportive. Aquarians are not compatible with them due to their thrifty nature when the former expects to spend money. The independent nature of the latter also hurts the former who seeks care from their partner.

People with Leo sign are appealing, flirty and self-confident. They are psychologically strong and often not agree with the views of others when they are confident about their points. Scorpions are not a good match as they too have strong views and not easily agree with others. Furthermore, the latter can be jealous of the charming nature of the former.

Virgo people are kind, helpful and creative. Sagittarians do not match with them due to their carefree nature and hasty actions.

Librans are carefree, friendly and quirky. But people of Virgo are not compatible due to over caring.

Scorpios are reliable and friendly. Aries people will not match them due to their fiery nature where the former wants a smooth relationship.

Sagittarians are positive and energetic. Taurus people are not suitable to them due to their practical nature.

Capricorns are honest, trustworthy and aspiring. Geminians are not at all a good match to them due to their stubborn and wary nature. Furthermore, they do not reciprocate your efforts.

Aquarians are somewhat over-protective. They are loyal and independent. Cancerians are unable to be a good partner to them due to their emotional nature. Moreover, the latter does not like to spend money unnecessarily even on romantic trips which hurts the feelings of the former.

Pisces people are romantic, sensitive and emotional. Virgo people are not good partners to them due to their practical nature.

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