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Plastic baby born in Amritsar

Plastic baby born in Amritsar

A plastic baby born in Amritsar has become the centre of attraction in the area. This rare condition where the baby looks like a rubber doll and sheds skin as reptile scales occurs once among six lakh newborns.

Scientifically, the babies are known as collodion babies. The mother of the child hails from Rajasthani area of Amritsar district in Punjab. The baby was examined on Friday by doctors at Guru Nanak Dev Medical College.

One of the doctors who attended the baby stated that the baby starts crying when someone touches her. She looks like a rubber doll and her face looks like the face of a fish. Her eyes and lips are red hot.

The baby is also unable to take milk from her mother. This disorder is a genetic disorder. It occurs due to the mutation of certain genes and is generally an autosomal recessive. It is called congenital ichthyosis (a scaly skin condition).

The doctors say that these babies develop cracks in the skin and it gets peeled off automatically within a period of 15 to 30 days. The baby will be under constant threat of infection all the life whenever the body sheds skin.

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