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Temple where devotees steal dolls for the blessings of the goddess

Temple where devotees steal dolls for the blessings of the goddess

India is a land of spirituality. A majority of people believe in God and visit temples and other holy places. Some temples have strange and unique traditions. Here is a unique temple where devotees steal wooden dolls aspiring to have children.

Chudamani temple, which is located 19km from Roorkee, Uttarakhand, is dedicated to Mata Chudamani. Devotees from far places visit the temple as Goddess Chudamani is powerful. Especially childless couples from all over the country visit the temple.

This temple is considered one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. Here the chuda of Goddess Sati had fallen as per the belief of the locals. That’s why the temple’s name is Chudamani temple.

The temple has a strange ritual. Devotees who wish to have children steal a wooden doll from the temple.

They believe that they will be blessed with a baby boy if they steal the wooden doll (Lokra). Also, they offer a wooden doll after the fulfilment of their wish. They visit the temple and worship the goddess.

Many wooden dolls are offered to the goddess. These dolls are kept at her feet. Devotees say that the goddess is so powerful that she grants the wishes of devotees.

There was a story associated with the act of stealing. The Pindi of the Goddess appeared to the king of Landhaura’s princely state when he was walking in a forest. As the king had no children, he prayed to the goddess aspiring to have a baby boy.

Then the goddess disappeared, and the king found a wooden doll there. He had taken away the doll with him and worshipped it. His wish was granted. He was blessed with a son.

After that, the king built the temple for the goddess in 1805 and placed a wooden doll at the feet of the goddess. Since then, the stealing of wooden dolls has started.

Maa Chudamani temple is opened once a year on Diwali. However, devotees say that the flowers offered to the goddess remain fresh. Also, the lamp burns throughout the year.

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