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The tireless kitchen

The tireless kitchen

Guru ka Langar in Amritsar started an amazing experiment. It airlifts food for 1,00,000 flood victims in Jammu and Kashmir.

The langar works all day at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, to prepare the food packets and send them to victims.

Last week, food for more than 1,00,000 victims in various places across the state was airlifted from Amritsar.


There were 50,000 individual aluminium-foil wrapped packets, each containing four desi ghee parathas and dry potato vegetable and pickle, which were transported to Jammu and Kashmir through an Air Force plane.

Earlier, a private airplane was helping them to shift the food.

Started by Guru Nanak Dev and strengthened by the third Guru, Shri Amar Dasji at Goindwal, the concept of establishing langars has become important for the Sikhs.



The langar supplies food to 70,000 everyday, apart from feeding one lakh devotees too.

This community service is a platform for women to give their complete service whenever they can.

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