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Modi’s mother gifted him a shawl

Modi’s mother gifted him a shawl

The third phase of Lok Sabha elections was held on April 23, 2019. Many famous people have contested in this phase.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited his mother on Tuesday to seek her blessings before casting his vote at a polling booth in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Modi’s mother Hiraba gifted him a shawl, coconut, and some sweets, and blessed him for his victory in the elections.

Hiraba is living with his younger son Pankaj Modi at Raisan village near the state capital. On Tuesday when the third phase of elections was held, Modi visited his mother for her blessings.

He spent 20 minutes with her. At that time his mother gifted him a precious shawl of Goddess Mahakali which was from the Shakti Peeth of Pavagadh.

The Shakti Peeth is located at a distance of nearly 50 km from Vadodara in Gujarat. The Pavagadh Shakti Peeth is one of the popular three Shakti Peethas of Gujarat. The other two Shakti Peethas are Ambaji at Arasur and Bala at Chunval.

The BJP won 26 seats out 26 in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In order to maintain the score, his mother also gifted him ₹500 as ‘shagun’. She gave him ‘kansaar’, a special sweet dish prepared on auspicious occasions.

Modi left his family very early in his life. And he was trained to have no attachments. He revealed this in an interview with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

Saying that he gave up all ties, he doesn’t have any special feelings like having his family members around.

He also said that his mother used to get upset seeing him return late at night due to his work pressure. As there is no one to talk her in his home she does not live with him.

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