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Modi’s express bus in UK

Modi’s express bus in UK

A Modi Express bus has been launched by the Indian community groups in the UK. The purpose of the bus is for a month-long tour around iconic landmarks in UK. The bus signifies the first time visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s to the country next month.

The launch of the bus happened on Sunday. Its first stop was at Ealing Road, Wembley also known as ‘Little India’. After that, it went to Trafalgar Square to celebrate Diwali.

Mayuri Parmar of the ‘UK Welcomes Modi’ organising committee stated that there is ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ in India and now with the launch of the bus there will be ‘Bus Pe Charcha’ in the UK.

An Olympics style reception has been planned for Modi at Wembley Stadium on November 13 and in order to welcome him, more than 400 community organisations have registered as ‘welcome partners’. The bus has been inaugurated in a traditional coconut-breaking ceremony by Lord Dolar Popat. He stated that this bus launch is another example of unity between the UK and India bringing people together for a positive cause.

He added that it is a great and encouraging sight to see members from across many communities coming together to support each other as the Prime Minister is about to visit in November. He termed the support for Modi as ‘Modi Mania’ and hoped that more people would join it. The welcome ceremony for Mod in UK is to be attended by 60,000 people. The tickets are to be distributed by Wembley Stadium in the coming weeks. In order to see the welcome ceremony, people from over 250 cities and towns in the UK have applied for an invitation.

The website of the ‘Modi Express’ bus is set to go live next week. One can book ‘Modi Express’ bus tickets if that want to attend the event from all over the country.

Image Credit: Bagichanomali / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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