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Locate your lost smartphone and erase data remotely

Locate your lost smartphone and erase data remotely

Nowadays, you can perform all tasks with your smartphone. Many people keep opening their banking apps on their smartphones to perform tasks easily. Some others enable ‘remember passwords’ for payments like utility bills. But, it is not a good practice. People have to face a lot of troubles in case their phone is lost or stolen.

Normally, emails, WhatsApp and messages are open on smartphones. Though you enable security features, it may not completely protect your data from being stolen. The security features will protect to some extent. However, before the fraudsters crack the phone and steal your data, you can erase the data on your smartphone remotely.

Here are the details to locate your lost smartphone and erase the data from it:

  • As smartphones contain crucial data of users, it is important to protect the data and prevent misuse.
  • Google helps protect the data on smartphones that have an Android operating system. If you lose your phone, then go to Android.com/find and log in to your account. This account should be the same that is already logged in to your phone. If you look at the top left corner of the phone, you can see the registered phone. If you register many phones, you will see all of them. Choose the lost phone. There you can see the phone’s battery and the last time that was used online.
  • You can see the location on the top of the smartphone. If you are unable to see the current location, you can check the last location. If you find your phone in your home, you can reach it using location. However, if it is not close to your area, track the location to reach it.
  • In such cases, you can lock your phone and delete all your data on your smartphone with the help of Google. Find My Device feature helps Android users to locate the phone. It even helps lock your data remotely by setting a PIN or passcode.
  • You can permanently delete the data by selecting the Erase Device option. However, after erasing the data on your data on phone, the Find My Device feature will also stop functioning.

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