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Centre to crackdown on pre-installed apps on smartphones

Centre to crackdown on pre-installed apps on smartphones

To improve the security of smartphones, the central government has proposed to implement new security rules. As part of these new rules, the Centre proposed new security rules for smartphone makers.

Allowing the removal of pre-installed applications is one of them. Besides, the government also proposed to mandate screening of major operating system updates. The proposal came considering the concerns about misusing the data of smartphone users.

Many smartphone manufacturers offer smartphones with pre-installed apps without giving the option of removal for users. These apps may pose threat to the data of users. They not only pose a threat to users but also to national security as a whole.

In this context, the government proposed new security rules so that users will have the option of removal of pre-installed apps. It says that no smartphone maker should exploit users and weaken their security.

The government of India banned several Chinese mobile applications, considering the data breach and risks associated with it after the Galwan Valley clash. It banned many popular apps like TikTok at that time.

Since then, the government has been prohibiting apps that pose threat to security. However, experts say many apps have come back with new names; for example, the Tiki app. It has traces in Beijing.

Also, many smartphones come with pre-installed applications. Users cannot remove them even though they do not need them. For instance, the Samsung phone comes with its payment app, Samsung Pay mini.

Smartphone makers will have to provide an uninstall option to users as per the proposed rules. In addition, every major operating system update will be screened before its availability to users.

If the new rules come into force, smartphone users can uninstall the apps if they don’t need the pre-installed apps. The new rules may affect the business of Samsung, Vivo, Apple etc.

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