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How to block your mobile payment apps if the phone is lost

How to block your mobile payment apps if the phone is lost

Now, almost all smartphone users in India have mobile payment applications like PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm etc. Due to ease of usage, many people prefer UPI payments.

These apps are linked to bank accounts to process transactions. The payment process is simple and can be finished by just entering the correct password.

But, if you lose your phone, you will have a tough situation. As your phone contains a lot of personal and financial data, it is important to keep the information secure. So, if your phone is lost or stolen, you have to block the mobile payment apps to avoid losing money from your bank accounts.

Reach out to customer care support when your mobile phone is lost or stolen. Choose the lost phone option. Choose the enter a different phone number option. Enter the phone number that is linked to the account you want to block. Then, choose the log out from all devices option to log out from your accounts.

Google Pay users can block their accounts by dialling 18004190157 on any smartphone. The number will allow you to talk to a customer service representative. Ask them to block your Google Pay account by providing all the required information and answering all their queries. Android users can also erase all the data remotely by accessing Google Find My Phone on a PC or smartphone. It also helps block your Google Pay temporarily. iOS users can delete data through Find my App or any other authorized tools approved by Apple.

Paytm users can reach the helpline by dialling 01204456456 and providing all required details. They can also block through the Paytm website. Choose Report a Fraud option and Message Us option. Enter all details and confirm to block your Paytm account.

PhonePe users can block their accounts by dialling 08068727374 or 02268727374. By dialling the helpline, users can reach a customer service representative and report the incident. Ask them to block your PhonePe account.

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