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Tips to protect your smartphone from hackers

Tips to protect your smartphone from hackers

Mobile phones have become essential nowadays. They can be used to perform many tasks. So, the threats from fraudsters and hackers also have been increased. They hack mobile phones and steal the personal and financial data of users.

Here are some ways to protect your smartphone from hackers:

  • Protect your smartphone with SIM card locking using a passcode. Keep a password or a pattern lock for the lock screen so that nobody can access your phone in your absence. Also, protect it through a security application.
  • Nowadays, many smartphones have built-in application lock facilities. You can lock individual applications using these facilities. Close all individual applications on your smartphone after using them.
  • Hackers and fraudsters access the mobile phone using WIFI or Bluetooth. So, it is better to turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth off when you don’t need them. Also, avoid using public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Don’t give the permissions to any app by ticking in the corresponding column without reading them. Read carefully when you are allowing them to access your photos, contacts or any other information on your device.
  • Don’t give your phone to strangers. Regularly monitor the functioning of your phone for any unusual things. Also, if you find strange pop-ups or high battery usage, check your device settings for strange apps.
  • Keep your operating system up to date. Protect your device secure from malware and virus with the help of an antivirus app.
  • Download applications from a trustworthy site like Google Play Store. Also, check their rating, privacy settings and policies while downloading any application on your device.
  • Don’t save sensitive information like the details of a credit card or bank account on your device. If you want to save any such information, use a secure app meant for that.
  • Download the Android Device Manager. It helps manage your smartphone and locate your device if you lose it. This app also helps reset your smartphone.

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