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WhatsApp to launch Lock Chat to lock specific chats

WhatsApp to launch Lock Chat to lock specific chats

In an age where privacy is becoming increasingly important, WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature that could be a game-changer.

The instant messaging platform is said to be working on a Lock Chat feature. It will allow users to lock specific chats behind an additional layer of security accessible only via fingerprint or passcode.

This new feature would ensure that nobody can access certain chats without the user’s consent, even if they have the user’s phone in their possession.

According to WABetainfo, the feature has been spotted in WhatsApp beta version for Android.

However, it is still in internal development and not available for users yet. While there is no official word on when the feature will be released, it is expected to be available in a future update of the app.

The Lock Chat feature will enable users to select specific chats and put them behind an additional layer of security. It will be useful for both individual and group chats.

This will make it nearly impossible for anyone else to open the chat without the user’s consent. If someone tries to open a locked chat, they will reportedly be prompted to clear the chat first before being able to access it.

The locked messages will not be accessible in the notifications tray, which will add an extra level of privacy.

Additionally, photos and videos exchanged in locked chats will not show up in the phone’s gallery by default. In this way, it will be more difficult for anyone to access them.

The feature will also keep locked chats separate from other chats. Thus, it ensures that the user’s private conversations are kept safe and secure.

In a world where people’s privacy is constantly under threat, this new Lock Chat feature from WhatsApp is sure to be a welcome addition for many users.

It will allow people to lend their phones to others without worrying about their private chats being accessed. Besides, it will give them peace of mind knowing that their conversations are safe and secure.

Although the feature is not yet available for users, its introduction is eagerly anticipated. It could potentially be a game-changer for the way users use instant messaging apps.

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