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Is the government giving COVID-19 fund to citizens?

Is the government giving COVID-19 fund to citizens?

Spreading fake messages on social media remains a huge threat to users. Many people forward the messages on WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social medium without checking the facts.

Recently, few messages are doing rounds on WhatsApp claiming that the government is giving COVID-19 fund or lockdown relief fund to citizens.

The messages went viral as they were forwarded many times. But, the messages are not true.

One message states that the government has ordered to pay ₹1,30,000 to all citizens above 18 years as COVID-19 fund. And the other message states that the government is providing a free lockdown relief fund of ₹7,500 to all citizens. Both messages have links to click for claiming funds. The first message asks users to click on the link to verify their eligibility for claiming funds. The second message asks to click on the link to get the funds credited immediately.

Coming to the first message, it is a fake message as warned by the fact check team at the Press Information Bureau. They warn people not to fall prey to such baits clicking on external links as they may be harmful to your data.

Regarding the second message, it is also a fake message. As per Vishwas News, the link is used for promotion of a website but not for the lockdown relief fund. The website is related to a binary trading broking. To increase the number of clicks, the website inserted the link. Moreover, in their search, they found that it was a rumour and Meghalaya police alerted the people not to believe the message.

Now that you have known the facts, beware of such fake messages. Never believe such fake messages and fall prey to fraudsters. You may lose your personal information as well as financial data.

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