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Can India handle another lockdown?

Can India handle another lockdown?

India has been struggling with the COVID pandemic just like many other countries. At its beginning, lockdowns were put in place. However, they were not very successful. The cases are increasing now, and the economy of the country is in danger. The retail inflation is at 7.6 per cent due to the increase in food prices.

During such an economic situation, the idea of another lockdown can be scary to many citizens. Already several states have reintroduced lockdown impositions. The Delhi government has increased the fine for not wearing masks to ₹2000.

As such, there are several speculations that a nationwide lockdown might happen again. Many are expecting that the PM will discuss another lockdown with state CMs. However, as the economy is already in shambles, it is vital to consider the economic implications of another lockdown.

Based on Google mobility trends, markets, especially ones with non-essentials, have reached pre-pandemic levels again. Market mobility regarding grocery and pharmacy sectors are positive.

The retail and recreation sectors of the country might get a devastating blow if another lockdown is placed. These sectors are still recovering from the first lockdown. A new one would cause issues of both supply and demand. With such high retail inflation, prices of essentials might soar if the economy is further disrupted.

All that said, human lives are obviously more important than economic conditions. However, the precautions taken to save lives should not make the surviving humans’ lives unbearable. The government should work on methods that will increase social distancing. Increasing fines is a good step to make sure people follow rules. All in all, people are expecting big moves from the government to fight this pandemic.

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