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Meet the man who feeds 300 people a day

Meet the man who feeds 300 people a day

A kind heart is essential to help others rather than having crores of rupees. You should have a great heart to help someone. Even if you have lots of money but do not have the heart to help others, what is the use of the money?

Here is a man with a great heart, who helps others despite not having crores of rupees. Pattan Allah Bakshu from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, witnessed the troubles of many people during the pandemic lockdown. Many poor people and daily labourers had to starve at that time.

Even after the lockdown, the financial condition of many people in the country was not improved. In fact, it became worse as many lost their jobs.

That’s why this 33-year-old man founded a charitable trust, Guntur Covid Fighters, to help people in need. Allah Bakshu is working as a sales executive. As the pandemic affected many people, he wished to help them.

Allah Bakshu says that many people lost their livelihoods and jobs due to Covid. Hence, they did not have enough food to eat. Even though some daily labourers could get some work, that was not sufficient to meet the entire family’s needs.

He wished to do something for them. He spoke to many caterers and event organizers about this. He requested them to give the leftover food to him to distribute to the needy.

They agreed. That’s how his mission of serving free food to the needy started. He collects the leftover food at parties, weddings and other events and serves them to the underprivileged. On average, he provides food to around 300 people per day.

His brothers also helped him in this regard. He and his brothers provided free ambulance services during the peak stage of the pandemic. In addition, they also helped in performing the last rites of more than 1,000 dead bodies during that time.

Now, 25 volunteers joined them. The event organisers call them after the event. The team visits the place and collects the leftover food to distribute it to the people in need.

Besides feeding the poor, Allah Bakshu also set up a food court at the Guntur government hospital. In addition, he also helps senior citizens, who are abandoned by their families to join in old age homes.

Allah Bakshu says his charitable work is going on with the help of many kind people, including college students, employees, and retired employees. While some people take part in the service, others donate cash or kind. These include clothes, groceries, ambulances etc.

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