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England Fans Mock India about Kohli

England Fans Mock India about Kohli

After Virat Kohli’s century in the first innings, the Bharat Army came up with a chant to cheer him on.

The chant comprised of, “We’ve got Kohli, Virat Kohli, I just don’t think you understand, he’s M.S. Dhoni’s man, he smashes Pakistan, we’ve got Virat Kohli!”.

However, the much praised Kohli faced a disappointing loss against the English cricket team.

The rest of Team India couldn’t support him, and they ended up falling short of England by 31 runs.

There were some English fans who congratulated Kohli on his excellent performance and joined the encouraging chants of the Indian crowd.

However, other English fans mocked the Indian team and Kohli. Their mocking chant comprised of lines like “Where’s your Virat Kohli gone, we have James Anderson”, and so on.

In his previous 10 Test innings in England, Kohli had 134 runs. On the current tour, he scored a 149-run knock in the first innings of the first Test.

England had set a target of 194 runs, and Kohli played a 51-run knock to bring India closer to that target.

However, India lost, and a crowd of English fans proceeded to taunt Kohli for his team’s defeat, even though Kohli himself played well in the first Test.

After his team’s loss, Kohli expressed disappointment at his batsmen’s performance. He also called out his top order to learn trades from their lower order batsmen.

Kohli made several other comments about his team, saying that they need to step up to the plate and face their opponents head-on.

He did give encouragement to his team, saying that they need to build on their positivity and fearlessness.

Currently, the Indian team is trailing 0 to 1 in the series. The two teams will take the second Test at the Lord’s Cricket Ground. The second Test will start on August 9th.

Image Reference: NDTV

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