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Double journey for the PM

Double journey for the PM

It seems that Prime Minister Narendra Modi likes to group together more than one overseas trip as he prefers to get more done in one trip. He said that, back in Ahmedabad, they have a saying which says “single-fare, double journey” and he added that he likes to follow that saying. He stated that he likes to visit two to four nations on a trip. There have been some criticisms about Modi that his trips are sometimes too long. He is on his tour to France, Germany, and Canada.

He stated that he is expecting his visit to be helpful in advancing the Make in India initiative. He added that the free trade agreement discussions are ongoing and that it would be reflected in his meetings. “They can each contribute in terms of capital flows, technology and best practices. No Prime Minister has visited these countries for a long time”, he says.

The purpose of the visit is to make progress regarding the purchase of nuclear reactors and fuel from France and Canada in order to improve the economy, override domestic opposition and concerns over liability laws.

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