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Chanakya Neeti: don’t trust these people

Chanakya Neeti: don’t trust these people

Sometimes, we are obliged to hang around and socialize with people to whom we would much rather say “no”. However, the great philosopher Chanakya speaks of these people that should never be hosted, or even acknowledged upon encountering.

Fake people who hide their true colours from the world, such as people who are kind in front of some and talk behind their back about them to others, should be avoided at all costs. Those who have two sides to their personality should be shunned by all means, said by Chanakya to be the vilest of all.

Some people are complete evildoers in life, not only hurting others physically but also playing around the minds of people, narcissistic and manipulative. These people are not trustworthy in life, stabbing people in the back, sometimes indulging in theft, rude, and evil.

These people should never be hosted or shown attention.

People who only care when their own needs are at hand, taking advantage of others, should not be seen as trustworthy friends in need. Gold diggers or constant askers for aid should not deserve a life with someone true and honest, even if that person shares a close relationship.

People who hurt others again and again, without remorse, shows a personality trait that cannot be changed. Such ones can scar others and even destroy them for life and must be avoided as much as can be.

According to Chanakya, one who has no knowledge of the Vedas is not to be befriended; one must have a knowledge of the Holy Scriptures if they are to have positivity within them and not commit evil. Thus, these people should not be acknowledged in life.

Other tips for staying away from negativity in life also follow. Don’t get to personal with negative people; make sure you know their situation first. Be grateful for what you have, for someone usually has it worse off than you.

Remember that there will always be obstacles in the road of life and that they will be crossed eventually. Turn negativity that you face into something constructive upon which you can build, and lastly, focus on yourself to get in touch with your own self-help.

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