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Women you shouldn’t marry according to Chanakya

Women you shouldn’t marry according to Chanakya

Marriage is one of the most important things in life. Finding the right partner is crucial for a happy life. According to Chanakya who is considered one of the wisest philosopher, here are certain types of woman that are best avoided when it comes to marriage.

The beauty without brains

Marrying a beautiful woman is one of the most common wishes among men. However, Chanakya says that a beautiful woman without brains is a bad choice.

The one without inner beauty

Chanakya says that one must look for the inner beauty of a woman before marrying her. If she does not have inner beauty that you find attractive, then she is not good choice. Even if an attractive woman has a bad nature, she is a bad choice according to Chanakya.

The one without proper family background

When you are marrying a person, their family also becomes quite important. According to Chanakya, one should not marry a woman whose family is not good. He says that such a woman can cause many problems in future.

The woman who lies

According to Chanakya, a woman who lies can certainly use that against her husband one day. Hence, he says it is a bad idea to marry her.

The unfaithful woman

Chanakya says that a woman who is unfaithful to her close members will most likely be unfaithful to her husband as well. Hence this sort of woman should be avoided at all costs.

Helping the household

As per Chanakya’s times, he says that a woman who cannot help with the household chores is not wife material. Even though this is not exactly applicable in today’s times, Chanakya had this opinion.

Those are the types of woman Chanakya says to avoid marrying. He also says that woman and men should have equal rights in a marriage.

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