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Most profitable beauty business ideas

Most profitable beauty business ideas

The cosmetics market has been growing over the past few years. The beauty industry has more potential in India. There are mainly two sectors in this industry: One is manufacturing, and another one is retail.

To conduct cosmetics business in India, manufacturers and importers require cosmetic registration or import registration. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act regulate cosmetics registration in India.

You can get complete details about the registration on the Sugam portal. It is an e-governance solution for CDSCO.

If you want to start a retail business, you can launch your own brand or buy a franchise.

Here is a list of some beauty business ideas:

  • Face wash is one of the most common beauty products, used not just by women, but by men as well. Especially herbal face washes are chosen by many people these days. So, start a face wash manufacturing business.
  • If you are a manufacturer or distributor of beauty products, you can start a beauty store. Online beauty store does not require much investment.
  • You can also start launching your own hair oil brand with minimal investment. If your hair oil satisfies the needs of people, you can capture a significant market share.
  • Starting a designer bindi unit is another beauty business idea with simple machinery.
  • Making herbal soaps are also worth considering. You can make herbal soap for the skin or hair. Alternatively, you can start making shower gel or body wash. Many are opting for herbal shower gels now. So, you can think of it.
  • Lipstick, kajal, and mascara are essential beauty products. So, you can start a manufacturing unit to make these products on a small-scale basis.
  • Launch a herbal shampoo brand for different hair types. Making nail polish, talcum powder, sunscreen lotion, and perfume are some other beauty business ideas.
  • If you want to start a cosmetics retailing business, you can initiate it from a website or a blog. You can also sell on various eCommerce portals. In addition, you can start a brick-and-mortar store.

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