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Best part-time business ideas with low investment

Best part-time business ideas with low investment

Many people wish to start their business ventures. But, most of them lack a huge investment. Do you know that you can start a few businesses with low investment?

Here is a list of some business ideas with an investment of ₹20,000. These businesses do not require much time. That means you can make decent money by spending a few hours and a minimal amount.

However, they require some creativity. If you have creativity, you can capture a good share of the industry within a short period.

Paper mâché craft items are becoming popular now. You need a very low investment to start it. The raw materials to design craft items are cheaper. These craft items are made of pulped paper mixed with glue. They are turned into beautiful crafts with the help of moulds. If you have creativity, you can design numerous items. People buy these craft items to gift their beloved ones. So, make sure that they are creative enough to grab the attention of others. Plenty of social media channels are there to sell these items. You can also sell them on eCommerce portals.

As the fashion industry is growing, you can start a needle embroidery business. You just need a needle embroidery machine for this. You need creativity to make beautiful designs and succeed in the market.

Personalized gifting items like mugs, tee-shirts etc., is another part-time business idea. This business also requires creativity. Buy raw materials in bulk and draw some designs or write creative quotations. Sell them through social media channels or eCommerce portals.

Hand painting is one of the profitable business ideas. You can sell hand-painted products like garments, shawls etc.

Artificial or imitation jewellery business is another decently profitable business idea. You can start a homemade artificial jewellery business from your home. Or you can directly buy the products from wholesale manufacturers and sell them to your customers.

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