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Baby born with broken bones

Baby born with broken bones

Read on to find out the incredible story of young Zoe Lush, who has just turned six years of age, and has been fighting with a rare genetic disease that fractured one hundred of her bones before she was even born.

Her bones are so delicate that even a sneeze could fracture them, or simple falling over could cause death. However, she still pushes on today, fighting her condition to live a happy life.

In a 4D scan, Zoe’s mother, Chelsea Lush, was made aware of her unborn child’s condition.

Her ribs were broken and both her arms and legs were behind normal growth rate, and the doctors said she possibly wouldn’t survive it until her date of birth.

However, despite her awareness, she went against the medical advice and went through with giving birth to her through a Cesarean section.

Zoe suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare condition of the bones that makes them extremely susceptible to breakage.

This condition affects about 1 in 15,000 in the United Kingdom and 50,000 in the United States. She stayed in the hospital for a week to receive a treatment known as pamidronate, which strengthens bones internally, and afterward also received metal rods inserted into her limbs and spine to keep her stabilized.

Zoe literally breaks in the wind and has been almost internally decapitated, but although there have been many close calls, she continues to astonish her parents each day.

She attends physical therapy frequently, which helps strengthen her muscles, and the breaking of her bones is much less than it once was.

Despite all odds against her, she manages to brighten up her parents and her three-year-old brother and loves being with people.

She doesn’t notice any difference and continues to make new friends and go on with her life.

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